1.       How can I donate money to No Duff?

Currently No Duff isn’t accepting donations. At the moment we’re self-funded and are working through an appreciation process as to whether we’ll become a charitable trust and accept donations, and if so, to determine what those donations would be spent on.

2.       Do I need to be a Veteran to volunteer for No Duff.

No Duff accepts volunteers from all backgrounds and walks of life.

3.       What does No Duff require from its volunteers in terms of time and resources?

Whatever the volunteer is prepared to offer.

4.       Is No Duff part of Veterans Affairs NZ or the Returned and Services Association?

 No Duff is a completely independent organisation. We aren’t a part of, nor do we answer to, any other organisation. We do however actively work with VANZ and the RSA, as well as a number of other NZ welfare support agencies and organisations in order to achieve best effect for the NZ Veterans community.

5.        What is No Duffs definition of a Veteran?

No Duff uses the New Zealand Defence Force definition; NZDF personnel who have qualifying operational service.

6.       Does No Duff offer paid positions within the organisation?

No one in No Duff receives financial compensation for their efforts.

7.       What kind of welfare support does No Duff provide?

No Duff focusses on immediate welfare support with the intent of preventing the subject Veterans condition from worsening and promoting recovery. Our objective is to place a No Duff volunteer alongside the Veteran in crisis within two hours and then remain in support of them until we can hand the situation over to VANZ or the RSA.