Veteran Engagement Plan

As part of Allen + Clarke’s 2016/17 pro-bono programme, Allen + Clarke is developing an engagement plan to be used in an upcoming review of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 (the Act). The Act is to be independently reviewed in 2017.

The engagement plan will provide information on who the relevant stakeholders are, how best to engage with them, and principles for engagement.

To learn more, or take the survey, just click on this link.


NO DUFF NZ, we are a volunteer Veterans organisation in NZ, committed to providing immediate welfare support to past and present members of the NZDF, particularly veterans.

Our basic concept of operations is to provide ‘first response’ support to veterans in critical need, to secure the person in crisis and then work with partner agencies who can put in place more long term care as and if required.

We have an extensive network of volunteers across NZ, the majority of whom are operationally experienced, serving and former members of the NZDF. We here at NO DUFF NZ provide an important bridging link between contemporary veterans and support agencies like the RSA and Veterans’ Affairs.

In recent months the RSA National Office, local RSAs and VA have partnered to deliver successful outcomes in a number of cases involving younger Veterans.

This has involved NO DUFF referring people to the RSA and VA, and vice versa.

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